Me and my expectations

My name is Tonje and this is my blog related to my international English class. I’m a sixteen year old student, will be turning seventeen very soon, attending Sandvika High School in Norway. This is my second year here at Sandvika and the posts that will be published will mainly be about topics we’re having in class. I’ve been told to write a little about myself, so here it goes. I was born in Kobe, Japan where I lived for two years and the year I turned three I moved to Singapore where I lived for six years. It wasn’t before August 2001 I moved to Vollen, Asker in Norway, where I've lived for approximately ten years now. Just to make it clear, I am not Japanese or anything; I am one hundred present Norwegian. My parents are from Sunnmøre which lays on the west coast of Norway. On my sparetime I mostly hang out with my friends, but sometimes I make the time to read a little. I love the books written by Nicholas Sparks, and this year I started a "project" with a friend of mine where we will read all the book written by Sparks. So far I have read The Last Song, The Lucky One and Nights In Rodanthe. Currently I am reading The Notebook. So far so good.. I also love music and I can't go anywhere without my iPod. When I'm not with my friends and family, talking in the phone for at least one hour with my friends or singing loudly annoying my siblings, I try to get the time to work out.
My expectations for this class are not much. I'm hoping it will be a good class and that I will learn some new things. I'm also hoping that we'll talk English a lot, this because I want my English to remain and because I want to speak as fluent as I did when I lived abroad.

Vollen, Norway. With a view towards the capital city Oslo

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