We will never forget..

World Trade Center is gone. The only thing that reminds us of that they no longer excist are the memorial lights that shine up in the sky from where the two towers used to stand. The lights and memories we all have from 9/11 still remain - and we will never forget.

The last two Fridays we have watched the documentary “9/11” which is a real life documentary that follows the events of September 11 from an insider’s view.  This is a story about two French filmmakers who were in Manhattan that one day after being in Manhattan for a few months making a documentary about a fireman rookie.  I have watched many movies and documentaries that revolve around the terrorist attack on 9/11, but the one that has moved me the most is this documentary. It is the most real and honest documentary I've ever seen, and it makes you feel like you were there that exact day. Everyone remembers where they were that day, and who they were with. I know I do, and I was only eight years old at the time. I remember standing outside a store with my mom and my siblings when my mom got a call from my dad saying we needed to hurry home to watch the news. My father was supposed to fly to New York that day, but his flight got cancelled due to the attacks. He was lucky, but only because he was at the right place to the right time, he could easily have been on one of those plains. I can’t even imagine how the firemen and the civilians that survived might feel. I suppose they might see themselves as lucky, because they were, but I don’t think the feeling of unfairness doesn’t occur.  Longing for an answer for why they survived while others didn't. It must have been tough, and probably still is. 

A lot has changed since 9/11. A lot has changed because of 9/11. When we are at the airport and putting our creams, lip gloss etc in little plastic bags, and taking our shoes off before heading to our gate, it's because of 9/11. Some might call it paranoid and a waste of time, but after the terrorist attacks people have had a bigger need to feel safe, and that I understand.
There are 310 232 863 people living in USA and all of these people have something in common: 9/11. This day was a tragedy, but from that day Americans have stood together and the people of USA have become patriotic. 

9/11 affected most people around the world, and we will never forget.

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Source: USA