Gran Torino

Today in class we watched the movie "Gran Torino". It is directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. Eastwood has the lead role as well.
The movie is about a widowed Korean War veteran, Walt Kowalski, who is alienated from his family and who is angry at the world. When a Hmong teenage boy named Thao, gets caught stealing Walt's Gran Torino (he was pressured by his cousin may I add), Walt slowly develops a bond with Thao and the rest of his family.
Ethnic relations, conflict resolution and individual violence are a few issues that are covered in this movie.

So, how do Hollywood films portray people of different races and ethnicities? Do they portrait movies stereotypically or are people portrayed differently then we expect them to be? In my opinion the characters in this movie are portrayed as stereotypical people. "Gran Torino" contains a series of racial issues where the main character, Walt Kowalski is portrayed as an stereotypical old man, same as the Hmong people. The Hmong people in this movie all live under the same roof or are close neighbors, constantly having dinner parties and other gatherings. In general, The Hmong people are very traditional people, and this is portrayed well in the movie.
My conclusion is that all Hollywood movies, not only this one, are portrayed very stereotypically. I think they do this so we all can relate to the characters. In "Gran Torino" there is a neighborhood gang who carries weapons around at all times, act tough, pressure people into doing things they don't want to do, etc. This description descripes the typical gang, and it's what we all expect for a gang to be.

I really reccommend this movie! It shows us to fight for justice, to be loyal, and to have respect for everyone. A fantastic movie.


  1. Nice blog post about the movie Gran Torino and some of the issues that are raised in the movie. I agree with you that Holywood portrays people of different races and ethnicities stereotypically. I think they have to to get the meaning across. It works really well in this movie as you say it is a great movie!

  2. I love this movie too! You raise very good questions and answer them well. I agree with you when it comes to Hollywood presenting people of different ethnicities in e stereotypical way, but as you also say, it is displayed respectfully in this movie.